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Choosing words carefully since 1971

Persuasive language, matters.

Some words are better than others for telling stories, selling ideas or products, or tackling sensitive subjects. From social media to long-form thought leadership, I choose those words carefully.

Hello. My name is Merryn Walters. In various places online, you’ll find me wittering on about the use of words in war – but in my day-job, I’m a writer. And I use very persuasive language.

Rentaquill Ltd. is my writing and consultancy company. If you’re determined to effect change, but think language may be holding you back, contact me. Clients often want a strategic thinking partner first, just to mull over an idea. That’s cool. Let’s talk.


What does Rentaquill do?

I’m a writer. If you’re in the UK, chances are my words have dropped through your letterbox or popped up on your browser.

I’ve been trusted by companies like Ordnance Survey, Northern Powergrid, Smart Pension and Hitachi; insurers running from Aviva to Zurich, and geospatial businesses of all kinds.

I also work one-on-one with people who specialise in complex fields and need to articulate their ideas clearly. One client said, “what you did, was help me find the meatballs in my spaghetti”.

Bit niche. Kinda works.

How much does good writing cost?

Good question. Honestly? It’s a piece of string. Day rates are an awful way to measure a writer’s value because great writing demands good thinking. That’s hard to measure on a timesheet. There’s also a difference between cost and value – persuasive writing is a developed skill. Still, most customers have a budget in mind, so let’s talk about what you want to achieve. That will bring three things into perspective: your ambition, the challenge, and my value. I can give you a project-based quote, which can retrofit into a day rate if that helps.

Why choose Rentaquill?

I make the complex seem simple.

Okay, that was glib. Try this: if you know what you want to achieve, I will find the words to persuade your audience. It may be ‘make a choice’ or it might be ‘understand our ambition’. It could be, ‘remember us’ or ‘appreciate our value’ – sometimes it’s ‘can you help me think clearly, please?’ That said, there are two reasons why you may prefer working with someone else.

First: you prefer a yes-person. You like working in a comfort zone. That’s nice, but wouldn’t you rather work with someone who appreciates the intensity and value of your ambition? Someone with the courage to talk about what will – or won’t – help you reach your goals? I mean, really deliver on the brief?

Second: you want amazing content, you don’t have much budget, and it all has to be delivered yesterday.


As the neurosurgeon says, “Sure, I can work for less. I can also do it faster. I’ll let you choose which part of the job I skimp on – how’s that sound?” 

Tell me what you’d like to achieve. We’ll find out quickly if we’re a good fit, and I’ll offer a couple of insights about your project that should highlight the value of using a great writer. Go on, drop me an email.

What does 'on tour' mean?

Ah, I live in north Norfolk, that’s not a secret. I also travel, visiting clients, so I may be working on a project remotely.

Give me a nudge.

Tweet me @rentaquill

My number is 07770 272524. If I don’t respond quickly, it may mean there’s sketchy WiFi or I’m head-down in a piece of writing. I’ll be in touch as soon as I can.


Explaining what I do is the hardest part of my job. It’s about rhetoric and persuasion, and finding the words to help people understand complex or sensitive subjects. 


My other day job involves working on an MA in military history, plus copious writing about maps, metaphors, and men who said “mightily bored they’ll be”. 

Rentaquill Limited

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