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Persuasive language matters.

Good messaging is everything. Great writing is the engine that drives your marketing strategy forward, there’s no doubt about that. But when it comes to finding new business and selling  your products and services successfully, some words ARE more powerful than others.

Hello. My name is Merryn and I choose those words carefully. Rentaquill Ltd. is the name I’ve used for years, helping people get that engine started – writing content, editing, shaping market strategies and bringing people together so the strongest, most powerful messaging gets heard. All it takes is an email to Rentaquill to get those wheels turning…


If you’re in the UK, then you’ve read (or heard) my writing, I can guarantee it. The thing is, it doesn’t matter if you’re a huge multi-national or a tiny one-man band, marketing best practice is what it is – but sometimes you’ve got to sell things inside your business, first. That’s where experience AND enthusiasm are vital.

Being a generalist, I’m well placed to take you on a journey, to start writing and marketing in a way that really works.


Outside the day job? A little Googling will show I’m fairly excitable when it comes to mapping and yes, I’m also into the history of the Second World War. I’m a Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society, and a battlefield guide too – and if that doesn’t merit an intrigued phone call and a cup of coffee, nothing will.

Always happy to chat through a challenge, ever ready with the words to get things moving in the right direction. 




We use language to articulate what we’re thinking. But even the words themselves may be holding you back.

Let me show you how different words can amplify a message, and which words will convince your audience.



Great content and powerful communications aren’t the same thing.  What do you want to do, educate and entertain or move people to take action?

Editing your words or starting afresh, we can move mountains and men.



Ethos, pathos, logos. 
Even though you’re writing well, sometimes it takes a different voice to make yourself heard clearly.

It’s not about less is more, it’s using language that works harder, faster.


People have been kind enough to say… 


“Finally, I understand what each team is trying to bring to the table even though they can’t explain it. It was like finding meatballs in a bowl of spaghetti. This is now a strategy I can believe in – and so can they.”

CEO | British


“Thrilled with the result and startled at how effective it’s been. We thought simplicity would dilute our value but it’s had the opposite effect. Dangerously good. Must get this into every part of our business now.”

CEO | International 


“It was un-nerving, seeing how different people reacted to the same words. Thank **** we talked a speech through. Can only describe it as some kind of alchemy, watching you work and bring it all together.” 

High-profile | media 

“Gentle force”

“Yes. You got it, and you got it quickly. Wouldn’t have believed it was possible to make a connection, they’re all so different. How did [-] put it, you’re a gentle force to be reckoned with? More like a velvet hurricane!”

Leader | political

“My critical friend.”

“I couldn’t afford a marketing person, but at the same time, I knew I needed one. Wanted to say thank you for listening, getting me focused, making so much possible and helping me grow, simple as.”

Small business owner | retail 

persuasion communications | tone of voice | location data advocacy | speechwriting
strategic comms | 1-on-1 comms coaching | sensitive narratives

Rentaquill Limited

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