Speechwriting for PMC services

Speechwriting for private military contracting services is a specialist skill. Many high profile individuals have dedicated writers on their staff and they may be very good at writing about the everyday, every day…

  • – but in every part of the risk business, ‘the everyday’ is different.

Your clients’ everyday speechwriters usually have little or no experience of writing under real pressure. For all they know, K&R is a hip-hop act. Proximity to high-pressure situations can hinder clarity. The nuances you need to have total confidence in, may be obscured by their rhetorical devices.

Statements of fact must inspire immediate confidence while at the same time protecting assets and the risk teams involved. Announcements must stand up to scrutiny, not just by the media but by third parties and underwriters too. Good news is relatively easy to deliver, or that’s the theory anyway. It takes a specialist to diffuse or avoid secondary situations and communicate bad news the right way – gently or not.

Here, there, even in mid-air. Crafting speech in any kind of risk scenario is best done by someone who’s been discreetly briefed on all of the pressures involved. This is a specialist speechwriting and statement service for private military contractors and their clients. Contact me for more information.