Specialist speechwriting

What does a specialist speechwriter do? One project at a time.

You may want to test-drive having a speechwriter on tap. You may want a one-off speech, perhaps for a conference keynote, or you may have an in-house writer or team who knows you and your business really well but – well – sometimes you want a break. And you may want to break the mould.

There’s a tricky situation; it’s a complex subject; you need a neutral view or you have to kick-start afresh approach. That’s when you’d call me.

The cost of using an ad hoc speechwriter pales into insignificance when you think about the value of having discreet access to someone who can help you say exactly the right thing on that one day, at that one event…

I offer remote speechwriting, as you’d expect, but I also offer it as a face-to-face service anywhere in the world.

You’re usually an Executive, a politician, a civil servant, a thought leader, or a well-known person who needs the support of a professional speechwriter for a one-off speech or situation.

I write the words. They’re written in a way that supports your tone of voice.

It’s the right words, in the right tone, at the drop of a hat or the flutter of a plane ticket. That’s specialist speechwriting in a nutshell.