Language planning

Language planning combines many skills. It’s heavyweight copywriting and persuasive rhetoric. It’s editing. It’s ‘handling’ people, and situations, and articulating your expertise in my words. It’s the je ne sais quoi of how you start communicating more effectively and, let’s be blunt, it’s not something you come across every day.

It’s about listening. Talking. Walking people back to the origins of a strategy or plan, finding renewed confidence in your purpose and direction – and then speaking up about it.

  • It’s less about rewriting what you’ve been saying recently, it’s more about helping your people to remember why you’re saying anything in the first place.

Most language planning starts by asking tough questions. Sometimes that’s uncomfortable, but clients tell me the process can be cathartic. It all happens behind closed doors (often off-site) and in absolute confidence. The process then moves into high quality copywriting in various forms for several different audiences, internal as well as external. It finishes -you can trust me on this- the language planning process always finishes with a portfolio of brilliant, insightful, rhetorical answers.

Simply put, I help you find the right words. I explore your thought processes. I bring together disparate strands of expertise in a business and write the words that people will remember ~ and then react to ~ in the right way.