Merryn | Writer 

My name is Merryn. I’ve been choosing my words carefully since 1971.  

I specialise in helping people to communicate complex or sensitive messages by using persuasive language. I’m also a historian. The rhetoric of war intrigues me and I love exploring the interpretation of language through time – how we now perceive history, thanks to the words we’ve chosen.  

There’s an MA in Military History under way via the University of Wolverhampton, I’m the Comms Director for the International Guild of Battlefield Guides, and there’s at least one book on the way. Maps, massacres, missing history – it’s a broad spectrum.

If you’d like to know more about me or anything I’m working on, well, give me a nudge. I’m based in north Norfolk but when I’m on tour you may find me on two wheels.

What do you write?

If you live in the UK, my work has probably dropped through your letterbox or popped up on a web page. You know my clients. They’re household names like Aviva, Ordnance Survey, Northern Powergrid, Smart Pension, and Hitachi. I also help smaller businesses and ambitious individuals to articulate ideas, and sensitive or unusual subjects are a specialism.

When I’m not writing, I’m helping business leaders to better articulate their strategic aims. One client described it as ‘finding the meatballs in my spaghetti’. That’s not a bad analogy.

I’m also an advocate for plain English and the power of rhetoric as a skill in improving defence and understanding war. Don’t get me started on metaphors.


How much does good writing cost?

Good question. Honestly? It’s a piece of string. Day rates aren’t the best way to measure a writer’s time. Great writing demands good thinking, which is always hard to quantify on a timesheet.

There’s also a difference between cost and value and, as writing is a skill, that piece of string is rarely a shoestring. Still, most customers have a budget in mind for the writing part of a project. 

Why don’t we talk about what you’d like to achieve? That will put three things into perspective: your ambitions, the challenge, and my value. I can then give you a project-based quote, which we can still turn into a day rate if that helps your accounts department. 

Why choose Rentaquill?

“I make the most complex subjects seem simple with the right amount of reader-friendly writing. I’ll rugby-tackle a thesaurus to find the right words, and there’s no ‘tricky little project’ I can’t handle with a calm head and a clear response…” – but I would say that, wouldn’t I. 

In short, there’s a good reason why I’m the writer you need: you’ll always be offered the words that work. That said, there are two reasons why you might prefer working with someone else. 

The first is simple: you prefer a yes-person, someone who’ll respond precisely to your brief. That’s a good working relationship, but wouldn’t you rather be working with someone who appreciates the intensity and value of your ambition, and has the confidence to step and talk about what will – or won’t – help you reach your goals? I mean, really deliver on the brief?

The second reason why you might choose another writer is more complex: you want amazing content – lots of it – all delivered yesterday on a bottom-dollar budget.

I do work quickly. Very quickly, sometimes. But I am not a bottom-dollar girl. As the neurosurgeon says, “Sure, I can work for less. I’ll let you decide which part of the job I skimp on.”  

It’s okay. You can pay me to not tell jokes. 

Start by using me as a sounding board: tell me what you’d like your audience to feel, think, understand or do … and then we can decide if we’re a good fit for each other. Drop me an email…

What does 'on tour' mean?

I live in north Norfolk, that’s not a secret. I also travel, researching and visiting clients, so I may be working on a project remotely. Plus, I usually work on several things at the same time. 

Give me a nudge. My number is 07770 272524. If I don’t respond quickly, it may mean there’s sketchy WiFi or I’m head-down in a piece of writing. I’ll be in touch as soon as I can.