I’ve rewritten your speech, Mr. Pacino.

Inspiration comes from many places when you’re writing a speech for a politician. So let’s try this: an imagined speech supporting a Brexit motion – and the speech as it would be given by Al Pacino.

Add the appropriate content, follow the same structure. There’s a natural synergy between screenwriting and speechwriting. It’s often not what you say, it’s knowing who’ll be delivering the lines that will inspire your writing and give your speech the right impact.

As the trainer, in Any Given Day, Pacino’s challenge is to rally the troops. They were all trying to get time with the ball, and – even though they were all supposed to be running in the same direction – their focus on individual plays meant they weren’t making progress. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it. Here’s the original clip:

Many of our MPs stand up in the Houses of Parliament intending to give an Oscar-worthy performance. I cannot think of one who could deliver this speech as well as Pacino – but many, many of them, who could benefit from watching that monologue once or twice.

Let’s go with Al Pacino then. As though he’s giving a speech to the House, just before a motion affecting the passage of a Brexit Bill…


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