Yours sincerely, Rentaquill

Voila. Merryn Henderson.

Some of you know me as ‘Lady Merryn Henderson’. But before you ask, that’s an incorporeal hereditament and I’m always quick to point out the problems in using that kind of title the wrong way. ‘Merryn’, or ‘M’, is much easier all round.

I’ve been an independent writer for two and a half decades. Rentaquill Ltd., the company, has been alive and kicking for what, five years? Going on six?

I do a lot of work with strategic comms, but my métier has always been tone of content work and specialist speechwriting. Eulogies. Financial services. Death and dying. What else? Well, there’s language planning – as in, helping businesses to embed better content, business-wide – and general copywriting too. I’m a trainer. I enjoy revealing the secrets of more persuasive language – heck, push the boat out, why not ask me about the courses I offer.

Why choose Rentaquill?

Well, when it comes to language, I take a no-nonsense approach to choosing words carefully. Your words, doubly so. I tend to be quite forward in all aspects of work and life. However, even when I’m being enthusiastic, I know how to be discreet. Experience tells me that’s a good thing. Integrity has a value.

I’m easy to work with. I make a bold promise. I’ll always let you know if what you’d like to achieve isn’t possible for me (or for you), and why. That way, you’re in control. You can move the project forward. I’ll save you time and money and I’m flexible too – I can also save you money and time.

Where is Rentaquill?

My home office is in Fulmodeston in the middle of rural North Norfolk, I also work from Monmouthshire and my air-miles are impressive. Words are everywhere. My clients are too.

I have a penchant for projects in far-flung places and I’ve invested in parentheses-trained endurance pigeons – which, basically, means that you can contact me day or night…