My name is Merryn Walters and I am a writer. For more years than I care to remember, I’ve been stocking my pantry by choosing words carefully, writing them down, and then selling those sentences to unsuspecting customers.

To feed my soul, I write poetry. I have an appetite for gonzo journalism that translates into odd essays (with the emphasis on odd). I also have an unusual taste for exploring WW2 locations and the rhetoric of war: remembering what was said and done has never been more important.

There’s a book in here too, somewhere. At least one. Most of the time you’ll find me in north Norfolk but when I’m on tour, I do get around.  

There’s no such thing as a silly question.

What kind of writing do you do?

I do the kind of writing that helps businesses and organisations to communicate more effectively. You’ll recognise some of my customers. They’re household names like Aviva, Ordnance Survey, Ageas, the NHS, Npower, and Hitachi. 

If you live in the UK, then my writing has definitely dropped through your letterbox at some point. That, or it’s popped up in your inbox. I’ve also worked for many small businesses and ambitious individuals, helping them get to grips with big ideas.

How much does good writing cost?

Ooh. Good question. Honestly? It’s a piece of string.

Day rates or hourly rates aren’t the best way to measure a writer’s time. Great writing demands good thinking and ‘Merryn is writing’ means ‘Merryn is talking, designing, building, writing and editing…’ – all of which takes time. Sadly, the heroes in accounts turn pale if you add ‘time spent thinking on a motorbike’ or ‘time spent thinking in the bath’ to an invoice. There’s also a difference between cost and value and, as writing is a skill, that piece of string is rarely a shoestring. 

Still, most customers have a budget in mind for the writing part of a project. If you’re not sure, why don’t we talk about what you’d like to achieve? That usually puts three things into perspective: your ambitions, the most pressing challenge, and my value. I can then give you a project-based quote (which we can still turn into a day rate if that helps your account heroes). 

Why choose Rentaquill?

“I’m enthusiastic. I make the most complex subjects seem simple by using the right amount of reader-friendly English. I’m hard-working and willing to rugby-tackle a thesaurus to find the right words for you… ” but I would say that, wouldn’t I. In short, there are three reasons to choose Rentaquill (that’s me, Merryn) as a copywriter and content creator:

  1. I enjoy my work and it shows.
  2. I’m good at what I do and old enough to know that’s not arrogance, it’s experience. 
  3. I’m responsive. Easy to work with. You can pay me to not tell jokes.
  4. Did I mention that I can design and build layouts, and give you a steer with content UX too?

There are, however, three reasons why you might prefer to hire another writer:

  1. I’m not great at maths. I have a voracious appetite for words that doesn’t leave much space for numbers. 
  2. You want a ‘yes’ person. Someone who doesn’t want to share their insights, or unleash intuition and imagination.
  3. Oh, and you want amazing content – lots of it – delivered yesterday on an absolute bottom-dollar budget. 

As the neurosurgeon says, “Sure, I can work for less. I’ll let you decide which part of the job I skimp on…”  But, joking aside, why not tell me what you want your audience to hear? Then we can talk about what you need, and decide if we’re a good fit for each other.

Start by sending me an email…

What does 'on tour' mean?

I work on several projects at the same time. For the most part, this diary will give you an idea about my availability. I may be working from home in north Norfolk or I may be on tour, visiting a customer or researching a subject. Whatever it says below, you’re welcome to give me a nudge anytime by email or text. Or WhatsApp. Or Twitter. Or pigeons if that works for you. If I don’t respond quickly, it could mean there’s sketchy WiFi or I’m head-down in a piece of writing – but I’ll be in touch as soon as I can.