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Words by Rentaquill


Business-winning, thought-provoking, people-friendly words

Merryn Henderson

Hello. I am Merryn, and this is Rentaquill.

I make it easy to understand sensitive, technical, and complex subjects. I specialise in writing with a lighter touch.

With a background in journalism and strategic comms, I also create compelling stories for businesses that want to sell more.

And as a speechwriter, content creator and trainer, I help people to communicate more effectively in person and on the page. It’s about finding the right words to capture hearts and change people’s minds ~ in all kinds of ways. 

Why choose me?


Over the last 20 years, I’ve written for big brands you’ll recognise and small start-ups you won’t. Banks. Insurers. Power companies and pizza parlours. Mapmakers. Datatakers. People with a story to tell. That means finding the right words about all kinds of subjects – on everything from merlot to metadata to motorcycles.

Plus – I’m fast. I understand the importance of working closely with compliance (and other colleagues on your team), and you’ll usually get more value than you’re expecting. Which is helpful.


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