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Words by Rentaquill


Business-winning, thought-provoking, people-friendly words

Merryn Henderson

Hello. I’m Merryn. This is Rentaquill.

I specialise in making it easy to understand technical and complex subjects. Winning hearts and changing minds, creating rich narratives that will captivate (and convert) your audience.

With a background in journalism, I also create compelling stories for businesses that simply want to do more business.  

Why choose me?


Over the last 20 years, I’ve written for big brands you’ll recognise and small start-ups you won’t. Banks. Insurers. Power companies and pizza parlours, mapmakers and datatakers. 

Plus, I’m fast. I understand how important it is to work closely with compliance teams and colleagues of all kinds, and you’ll always get more value from me than you’re expecting (which is helpful).


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