Rentaquill – why?

Well, see if any of these problems sound familiar to you:

  • you were sure your message was bang on, but a deathly silence says something about it must have been waaay off the mark; 

  • other people have added lots of what they wanted to say, which really isn’t very helpful, and you’re not sure how to fix it; or, 

  • you don’t know what’s wrong. You need a bit of help with the words but you don’t know what that is exactly, where to start, or what it may cost. 

Hello. This is where I come in.

My work provides value and has a cost

Imagine, getting the words your audiences want to read. Better still, getting approval for those words from everyone you work with too.

Now, think about working with a writer who’ll use 25 years’ experience to help you carry on writing more effectively after the project’s completed. 

  • Copywriting. Speech writing.
  • Embedding a new, stronger tone of voice, right across a business.
  • Coaching, speed-editing, and working on everything from sales materials to social media strategies.

So – what do I write? 

I specialise in writing about and for the insurance industry and the geospatial industry. Ask me for some benchmark examples – I have one or two.

More recently, I created Uniqueulogy ~ a service that helps people to find the right words when words simply cannot be found. My fees for specialist eulogies hint at what’s involved in commissioning a good, multi-disciplined and experienced writer: they range from £330 to £6,500 per day. 

  • Your next question is: “Blimey, how ever much will you charge me?”
  • My straight answer: “That depends on what you want words to achieve.”

Don’t panic. My day rates for ‘average’ specialist writing are somewhere around the £750 mark. The words I write for you will add value to your business. 

And if you’re reading this, right now? You’re either curious about the eulogies I’ve written for people who’ve died, or you’re trying to find out if I’m still writing for clients who are a little bit more alive. For the most part.

I am, of course. Either way, thank you for stopping by ~ it’s appreciated. If you’re still curious about my approach to words, drop me a line. Hit me up on Twitter. 

Or, if you’re definitely into the no-nonsense approach and want to talk dirty about IPT letters or location intelligence …  well, let’s not waste any more time.

Here’s my number.  Give me a call.