Rentaquill writes -

Rentaquill Ltd. is a writing and content-consultancy company that’s owned by me, Merryn Walters.

In short, Rentaquill helps people to communicate more effectively. I write very persuasive content.

- words -

Some words are better than others for telling, for selling, or for explaining tricky concepts.

From soundbites to websites, I write all kinds of business-boosting content with those words. 

- that work.

When I’m not creating content for customers, I’m usually helping people to improve their writing. 

I teach. I advise. I write speeches, too.
In other words (if it has words), I’m all over it.

Contact Rentaquill


Email me. Write to:

Phone me: 07770 272524

Where, what, how, and why?

There’s no such thing as a daft question.

Where am I, what does 'on tour' mean?

Most of the time I’m working on more than one project. I may be in Norfolk, or I may be on tour – visiting a customer or researching a subject. You’re always welcome to contact me: I’ll do my best to come back to you as soon as I’m back in the land of WiFi, off the phone, or near my laptop.

What do I write?

I write content that helps people to communicate effectively.

My customers are household names in finance, utilities, the geospatial arena, crisis management and more. Challenging an idea is the best way to improve it. I write words that make the right impact. Moving you forwards.

If you live in the UK at least, it’s quite likely my writing has dropped in through your letterbox or popped into your inbox at some point. I’ve also worked for lots of small businesses with big ideas.

How much does good writing cost?

Good writers agree: day rates or hourly rates aren’t the best way to measure our time. Great writing needs a lot of good thinking. Sadly, Accounts Payable turn a pale shade of puce when you add ‘time in the bath’ or ‘trundling around on the motorbike’ to an invoice.

There’s a big difference between cost and value. 

‘Merryn is doing the writing’ usually means ‘Merryn is talking; thinking; helping us to find the best results; collaborating, writing and editing; designing and building – and will try to deliver something better than we could have expected’. 

That said, most people have a budget in mind for the content-creation part of a project. If you’re not sure, why don’t we talk about the overall value of what you’d like to achieve? That puts things into perspective, and I can then give you a project-based quote or a day rate. If you need one.


Why choose Rentaquill?

I’m excitable? Enthusiastic? Hard-working and willing to rugby-tackle a thesaurus to find the right words for you? Seriously, there are three reasons why you should choose me:

  1. I’m good at what I do. I make the most complex subjects seem simple by using the right amount of reader-friendly English.
  2. I won’t apologise, I love my work. I like finding the right words to unlock the power of language for my customers.
  3. I’m responsive. Easy to work with. You can pay me to not tell jokes.
  4. Oh, and you’ll get more than you expect from me. Guaranteed.

But there are three reasons why you might prefer another writer:

  1. I’m not great at maths. I do words, not numbers. 
  2. You want a ‘yes’ person who won’t offer unsolicited insights that deliver a better result.
  3. You want amazing content, delivered yesterday, for next to no budget.


As the neurosurgeon says, “Which part of the work do you want me to skimp on?” 😊

Sound good? Sound reasonable? Sounds like a plan? Let’s talk…